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" /// " is a symbol that means a lot to me, personally. It's not a superstition or anything mythical, but rather represents many aspects of what I deem to be imperative to the creation of living art.

In any situation where art is present, it takes 3 perspectives in order for it to be appreciated: The Project, The Creator, The Viewer.

Without the viewer, the art cannot be seen, heard or felt. Without the creator, the art cannot exit. Without the art, the viewer will not be satiated. These three pillars are fundamental in the success of any said project; be it commercial, competitive, explorative or emotionally expressive.

As someone who views them self as both a student, a teacher and a connoisseur of art; the process of creating, performing and viewing it is special to me and I find it imperative to make sure all projects are to be seen through each of these lenses before completion.

I was raised at a very early age to be a performer, choreographer and coach at the same time when I competed...something unheard of in today's industry. Juggling these three roles is something I was born to do and continue to navigate this even today. Sprinkle in the fact I'm a '3rd' generation dancer and it's easy to see why I'm obsessed with   " /// ".



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